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Maandag: 07.00 - 21.00
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Practice Information

Treatments without a Prescription from a GP

In 2006, regulations were relaxed so that in cases of individual discomfort a person could consult immediately with a physiotherapist professional without having to wait for an appointment with a doctor to then be referred to a physio.

Chronic conditions. ( Listed on BORST )

There are certain chronic conditions whereby a referral from a medical professional is required before physiotherapy can commence. These conditions are listed on BORST and your physiotherapist can guide you as to the process.


Should you need to cancel an appointment, we ask you to do this 24 hours in advance. In this way the time reserved for you will not be charged. If your appointment is not cancelled or re-arranged before the 24 hour limit we will charge you 75% of the tariff, as we cannot claim time worked in lieu on the Health Insurance.

Health Insurance & Payment for Treatment

Please check your Health Insurance Policy to determine how many physiotherapy treatments will be reimbursed to you. Your physiotherapist is familiar with most insurance arrangements, and can guide you as to these conditions that may apply.

For most insurances, we will invoice the company directly. Should you need to submit a claim personally to an insurance company, we can advise as to process. In cases when a patient does not have Health Insurance cover for physiotherapy, or the number of treatments exceed the annual amount insured, then payment for treatment will be requested directly. A price list can be found in the waiting area.

We accept cash and you can pay by Pin, and we will send you an invoice at the end of the month  by e-mail stated ‘paid’ for your personal / business administration.

Personal Possessions

Please be aware you are solely responsible for your property in the practice.


In our practice we are very keen to promote and maintain a hygienic environment for your personal wellbeing, as well as for all our patients.

In the interests of this, we request you to shower the day of your appointment and in our experience, patients prefer to bring along their own clean bath towel to be placed upon the treatment table.

Useful Information

Informative leaflets regarding a variety of physiotherapy treatments for many conditions can be found in the waiting area. Please feel free to take these with you.


Should you have a complaint or are dissatisfied by the manner of approach or of a particular treatment by one of our physiotherapists, you are welcome to raise this with either the physiotherapist or the practice manager. Your complaint will be handled according to the guidelines laid down by our professional body, the KNGF.

A leaflet in the waiting area provides you with relevant process information.

Privacy Regulations

In order to optimise your treatment, your physiotherapist will hold a record of your medical data. These records are held under the Data Protection Act.

The DPA contains rules regarding the purpose for registration of data, the nature of the information registered, the treatment / management of that data, persons having access to that information as well as the right of access by the patient.

As a professional paramedic bound by this legislation, your physiotherapist will observe your privacy under the DTA.

Operational procedure is followed according to the following regulations:

Apart from your own regular physiotherapist, there may be occasion when another physiotherapist in the practice treats you. Access to your data would be required in this case. Administrative staff may also require access. Clearly a duty of confidentiality is imperative in a professional organisation.

You are entitled to inspect your recorded data & can request the physiotherapist to correct information if you believe it is not accurate.

Only data relevant to your treatment is stored on the medical record.

Should your personal medical information be important for research, this data would only be released upon your express approval.

Client data will not be conveyed to a third party, including immediate family.

This holds true even after death, unless permission is given by Client.

After completion of treatment, data record will be archived in such a way that only the above limited paramedic professionals / medical researchers have access.

You can indicate through the current complaints procedure if you believe that the practice has not fully observed these regulations with your medical data.

Payment Terms

Pricelist Fysiotherapiepraktijk Van Delden  per January first 2023

Code Omschrijving Duur Prijs in € Per
1000 Regular Physiotherapy 25 min  40,00 treatment
1001 Regular Physiotherapy Home treatment 25 min  52,00 treatment
1400 Advanced Physiotherapy 60 min 100,00 treatment
1401 Advanced Physiotherapy Plus 90 min 150,00 treatment
PNE 25 min 55,00
1864 Screening, Intake 25 min  49,00 treatment
1501 Edematherapy Home treatment 25 min  61.00 treatment
1500 Edematherapy 25 min  48,50 treatment
1871 Intake with referral Home treatment 25 min  62,00 treatment
1870 Intake with referral 25 min  49,00 treatment
12 Regular Treatment with Musculo Skeletal Ultrasound 25 min  60,00 treatment
1960 No show and Cancelling appointment not 24 hours in advance  26,00


By signing the agreement of treatment between the patient and the physiotherapist, these payment conditions are inextricably included in the agreement.

Cancelling an appointment must be done at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments that are not cancelled or cancelled too late will be charged.

If there is no insurance with a Dutch insurance compagny you can pay cash or by Pin.

Any exceptions: Payments for treatments are to be made within 30 days of invoice date.

Unpaid invoices still open after 30 days can be collected via credit agency without further notice. All collection agency fees and associated legal expenses are charged to the client / patient.

No smoking policy

Smoking is not permitted in the practice building.

Opening hours

Monday        07.00 – 21.00

Tuesday        07.00 – 18.30

Wednesday  07.00 – 21.00

Thursday     07.00 –  18.00

Friday           07.30 –  19.00


Contact details

During opening hours by ‘phone 070 364 9200.

Outside opening hours please leave a message on the voicemail.

Alternatively, please contact us via email

Practice Information


( before initial appointment )

On registering with us you will be asked to provide your name and address, your health insurance details, identification ( passport, residents permit ) and where applicable your referral . It is important that you clearly define your complaint/symptoms and that you specifically require to be treated by a specialized physiotherapist.

DAP Direct Access  Physiotherapy

Since 2006 the physiotherapist has been direct access by members of the public ( without needing to obtain a prescription from a GP or medical specialist ). To comply with DAP it is obligatory that the physiotherapist is responsible for an initial health screening of the patient. This involves our screening questionnaire. On registering, you will be referred to the screening questionnaire found on our website: Please fill this out and submit before your first appointment. This will be studied by the physiotherapist prior to your appointment.

Your initial appointment

Health screen / Consultation

During your initial appointment we will take 10 minutes to discuss with you your responses to the health screening questionnaire. On completion of this process you will be informed whether your condition is within the compass of physiotherapy, or advised to visit your GP. In case you do not have access to internet we will ask the same questions during your initial appointment and discuss as indicated above.

This initial consultation – including health screening, discussion of your complaint/symptoms and a limited physical examination – is very important as it forms the basis of the treatment program advised by the physiotherapist.

There may be further research required during consultation including a physical study and function tests. On completion we will decide whether it is advisable to continue with physiotherapeutic research or treatment.

Only on your approval shall we submit results of this check up to your GP. You are very welcome to express a preference regarding choice of therapist.

Reimbursement by your Health Insurance

Costs incurred in the consultation/screening process will be reimbursed by your insurance company ( should you have additional cover for physiotherapy ) and will be viewed as a full treatment applied to the total number of annual treatments allowed by your policy. Please take some time to check your cover.

In cases where there is no additional cover for physiotherapy ( or insufficient annually allowable treatments ) we request payment in cash.

Your initial appointment

What to expect

As well as offering the highest level of professional service to you, we also are very conscious of your personal comfort, and in accordance with this we would like to inform you what to expect in advance of your first appointment.

You can take a seat in our waiting area and the physiotherapist will collect you at the appointed time. As a busy practice we try not to overrun, you will not be kept waiting. The therapist will ask you questions in order to create a treatment file.

Thereafter we will concentrate on your complaint/symptoms and often after this conversation a physical research will be made. You may be asked to partially undress in order for us to perform this research. This research will take approx. 25 minutes. Resulting from this research a treatment program is drawn up. This treatment program forms the basis of the type of therapy and the number of treatments expected. This will be fully explained to you. In conclusion, the therapist will arrange a new appointment with you.

Please bring along the following to your initial appointment:

Your Health Insurance Information

Details of your referral, if applicable

A valid I/D document ( passport, residents permit )

At your second appointment the treatment of your complaint will commence.

The duration of the treatment will be 25 minutes, including dressing time.


The physiotherapists working at our practice are all listed in the quality register of the KNGF. ( The professional institution for physiotherapists in Netherlands ). The practice is certified according to the HKZ certification schedule Extramurale Fysiotherapie Praktijken, and is subject to rigorous audit annually. HKZ stands for Harmonisatie Kwaliteitsbeoordeling in de Zorgsector. Since 2021 we are a Quality Mark”clinic->


When necessary, colleagues within the practice substitute for each other during holidays or enforced absence. In circumstances when a physiotherapist is a long term absentee, then there is the possibility that a temporary physiotherapist from outside the practice will be asked to continue your treatment.

Current News

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