Physiotherapy Practice / Physical Therapy Practice Van Delden – Fysiotherapiepraktijk van Delden – Den Haag
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Laan van Roos en Doorn 13
2514BC Den Haag

Tel: 070-3649200


Maandag: 07.00 - 21.00
Dinsdag: 07.00 - 21.00
Woensdag: 07.00 - 18.30
Donderdag: 07.00 - 18.30
Vrijdag: 07.30 - 19.00

Physiotherapy Practice / Physical Therapy Practice Van Delden


We work with gloves and face masks for your and our protection. You can also get a video consultation. For more information: send us an email: or call us 0703649200.


We are certificated HKZ for Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy and all our Postgraduate Qualifications since 2008. International Health Care Center in The Hague specialized in Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy . We work together with HMC/ HAGA, Eisenhower Kliniek ,IHCH. 50 % of our clients are Expats.

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You can reach us: Monday 7.00-21.00 ; Tuesday 7.00-21.00 ;Wednesday 7.00- 18.30 ; Thursday 7.00- 18.30, Friday 7.30- 19.00

Address: Laan van Roos en Doorn 13. 2514 BC The Hague. Telephonenumber:070-3649200

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We are registrated in : BIG, KNGF and Quality registers

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Dutch insurance system

Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy treatments – no prescription required.

Since 1st January 2006, it has not been necessary to receive a prescription from your GP in order to benefit from physiotherapy.

Clearly, an initial visit to your GP or a specialist may result in the need for a course of treatment, and indeed with or without a prescription – your GP continues to play a central role in the coordination of your care.

The physiotherapist / physical therapist will continue to inform the GP of progress, unless the patient feels that this is not necessary.

The advantage of the above is that you can immediately make an appointment with your physiotherapist in order to work on your recovery sooner rather than later. This is particularly relevant to patients with a periodically recurring complaint, such as an old sports injury where rapid treatment is important.

In all cases where the patient goes directly to their Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist , an initial screening is performed in order to ascertain that Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy is indeed the correct course of action.

Only after this can the treatment commence.

If the screening indicates that Physiotherapy / Physical Therapy  is likely not to help, the therapist  will recommend the patient consult their GP.

We have contracts with all Dutch insurance compagnies and Celta Assistance.